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Vitamind D and Fertility: What You Must Know 
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Doctors say Vitamin D deficiencies are more common than we think! Here's how to tell if you have a defiency - and how to use this nutrient to help you get pregnant fast!

By Colette Bouchez

As  important as we know vitamin D is today , for generations, few people, paid much attention to  it - simply because it was so easily made via exposure to sunlight.   Moreover, because, in  the pre-computer and pre-technology days,  so much of our working time and our leisure was spent outdoors there was little worry about in terms of a  vitamin D deficiency. 

In the latter part of the 20th century however, and particularly now, in the 21st century life began to change, quite dramatically.    The development of the computer and all it's subsequent technologies turned us from an outdoor society to an indoor one dramatically decreasing our sun exposure in the process.

Add to this the fear of skin cancer  linked to too much sun exposure as well as the risks of premature skin aging -   and not only did that encourage or sometimes even scare us away from the sun, when we are  out of doors we frequently coat our skin with potent sunscreens. While they do effectively block damage from the sun, they also dramatically reduce  the chemical reaction necessary for the body to make vitamin D.

The end result: We have  became a nation and in many ways a world that is grossly vitamin D deficient.  In fact, if you spend just one long winter with very little exposure to sunlight,  a signficant vitamin D deficiency can  quickly and easily take hold.    So it's easy to see how season after season, year after year of limited or even no sun exposure can lead to a whopper of a deficiency!  

The good news: It's also a deficiency that's easy to correct! In fact, the body responds almost immediately to any type of vitamin D stimulation including spending just 20 minutes in the sun every day for as few as 5 days!  If you add to this foods that high in vitamin D  ( such as low fat diary products, fatty fish such as salmon and tuna, and fortified milk and orange juice)  you can not only quickly and easily overcome a deficiency, but give a whopping boost to your fertility -and your ability to get pregnant fast - at the same time!

How much vitamin D do you need to get pregnant? Most experts now recommend up to 1,000 units in summer, and up to 2,000 unites daily in winter.

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